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Дороги Главные дороги Противодействие плану строительства кольцевых дорог и другим (более ранним) проектам приве...

Ещё о метро

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Так выглядит логотип Лондонского метрополитена. Этот известный значок принадлежит Лондонскому метрополитену и успеш...


Банкетный дом (Banqueting House)

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Банкетинг-хауз или Банкетный дом — самое крупное и известное здание, построенное в стиле банкетного дома, которое сохранилось до...

Сутки в Лондоне, или наказание за самонадеянность

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Забавная вещь - многие любители путешествий имеют хобби вести учет посещенным государствам. Кто-то выставляет их на карте (как я...

Остерли Парк (Osterley Park)

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Остерли Парк представляет собой: * Великолепный дом в неоклассическом стиле с интерьерами в «стиле Адама» (в неоклассическом ...




Intistele - wide-scale project which can provide answer for many requests. The mechanism helps to transmit information easily.

Main part

Colleagues everywhere are keen on sharing vital information, discussing the latest news, or setting tasks. Due to the fast flow of our life and especially willing to gain time - a vast majority of people choose bulk texting for the reason that that type is the fastest and the most convenient for busy people. This simple and well-known software is created to make people to achieve their aims.

+ and -

The usage of bulk texting has a lot of pluses. For example:

Automatic software. It indicates that there is option not to accomplish multiple actions for transmitting bulk texts. Define the task, and your recipients will get message.

Easy in usage. The task is to log in and top up the balance. Now you can to set a task or spread the important offers.

Quality and price. It is useful to be aware of the limit and top up the balance due to your budget. The quality of send SMS will be perfect.

Among disadvantages of this type of communication could be named the lack of guarantees, that written SMS will be delivered to the recipient.

The expected time of message delivery assembles from 20 seconds to 3 minutes (in case area you are located has network coverage).

Solutions by department

Each company challenge such thing as optimization of every single operation. This should be done for satisfying client's needs.

SMS software is a perfect solution for  programmers. Bulk texting system considered to be a useful weapon for reaching each of marketing aims. For instance:

You are free to share notifications about new offers. You are able to personalize each SMS and build it in original way.

Bulk texting could become an inherent part in the department`s everyday routine. Bulk texting can help:

In importing data to XLS or CSV just with one click.

Specified logs and online data will keep you posted about last activity and sub-account performance.

web developers can integrate Intis Telecommunication API gateway.

By virtue of the option you are able to send big amount of  messages, send HRL requests.

Unlimited testing access to IntisTele bulk texting system allows debugging your unique operating program solutions.

It is easy to start with IntisTele SDK for C#.

IntisTele plugins and widgets were created for smoothing integration of most major CMS (Joomla).

Bulk texting commands are good for sysadmins as long as they can settle remote administration and server management.

Inform timely concerning the problems.

You do not necessary need internet access, as all servers are managed by SMS commands.

This bulk texting software is instantly updating on the exact server infrastructure performance.

Business owners also are able to organize their employees' workflow with the help of this bulk texting program. In addition, there are other solutions which are provided for business men and women.

Set assignments for your colleagues.

Here it is possible to get acquainted recognizable web interface, payment options that matches every pocket and a very captivating affiliate program. With the help of SMS software:


Users can use PayPal while using message service..

Solutions by industry

The SMS software solution is perfect choice for transport. Bulk texting system solves a issues of different spheres in various industries.

It is a perfect solution for retail. With SMS system there is an alternative to set up notifications about offers.

You are free to apply bulk texting operating system into your transport actions, such as couriers.

Bulk texts software is the best solution advance travel and transport services and make clients enjoy a better adventure in the time of their journeys.

SMS software could be helpful for startups and IT. This application is vital for SaaS.

Bulk texting warning to supply security. It is applicable for public safety services.

Prices for SMS

It is no big deal to refill the balance and settle the sum of money which you are ready to give. Intis Telecommunication could offer numerous approached of funding the balance. For example, Credit cards.

Instructions for writing the best SMS

Make message targeted. Divide the database into single groups by gender.

Now you can deliver offers only to people who are interested in product.

Add call-to-action into the SMS newsletter. The text of SMS should include information which will inspire the user make a move. For reaching this outcome, you have to leave your address.

Make all the significant conditions for customers to come and after that you are more likely to gain conversion rates.

Write brief and clear . One of the least unfavorable things you could figure out for your SMS newsletter is oversaturation.

The abundance of text in the message can make the client reject it sooner than read. The short SMS is crucial to great conversions.

Affiliate program

Owing to a unique Intis Telecommunication Affiliate network each client can achieve a commission because of attracting new client. You could gain up to 10% of the month's refill balance payment, which is made by the customer you have brought to IntisTele system.


To send bulk texting about offers can turn into the best solution for your business. It will increase your profit. Because of this bulk texts are widely spread between retailers.

Source: https://www.intistele.com/


Справочник Лондона:

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Вокзалы Лондона. Станция Ватерлоо (Waterloo Station)

Станция Ватерлоо (часто называется просто «Ватерлоо») — самый крупный ж/д вокзал в Лондоне, принадлежащий Network Rail...

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Вокзалы Лондона. Перекресток Короля (King's Cross)

Станция Перекресток Короля — крупная железнодорожная станция, открытая в 1852 г. Станция расположена на краю Центральн...

Купить террасную доску теперь удобнее напрямую у предпр

Следует согласиться, что дерево во все времена пользовалось популярностью не только в отделке интерьеров, но и внешних п...

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